Im gonna tell you a story about a group of reactionaries who set a prescedent
Injecting the blood of the chameleon into their pulsating eager veins
From then on emotion became highly visible
Now you can get to work on time
But nobody knows who you are
The kook cubes and sanitariums are full of 2tone schizos and multicoloured madmen
Racism is obsolete but everyone desires a cool blue
The crimson ladies of purple and azure
get it on in hues of velvet love
Now you know shes into you man and you dont even have to utter a word
But watch out for that guy in the corner man, all withered and grey, he could turn red in the blink of an eye
And there coming for you, yeah they are coming for you.

There is a smile of love
There is a smile of deceit
There is a smile of smiles
In Which these two smiles meet

The psychic ambulance rides around town
delivering pain to the anxiety clowns
falling we're falling still locked in the past
i wonder how much longer this friendship will last


from Jan 2012 demo, released January 1, 2012
With apologies to William Blake and Allen Ginsberg




Fixed In Space and Time Bristol, UK

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